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Rare is rare, not convenient and quick so you can complain about not having anything left to do. I was an achievement "lady of the night" (gosh darn profanity filters) in WoW, but I never camped a spawn spot all day for a lousy 10 points.
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Loot - World Boss or Rare Drops. At least eight new mounts drop from rare spawns introduced in Patch 8.3. Seven of these are in the new Assault phases of Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. One more (Mollie) apparently drops from an older world boss - Dunegorger Kraulok in Vol'dun. Note that not all Uldum and Vale rares will be up every week.
Rare spawn addon for WoW Classic. NOTE: If the addon will not load for you, it is likely you have installed it with the wrong folder name. Make sure the folder is named "RareAware" and not "RareAware-master".-- Current Functionality -- This addon displays information on your map about rare spawns within the world and only works for WoW Classic. The wowhead page should have accurate spawn windows. The three basin rares do not share a timer but each does have specific spawn points, 2 to 4ish each. I have seen various combinations within minutes of each other. I am on a phone or I would find the link for you.
Rare Spawn Hunter Pets Are Cancer : wow - reddit. Posted: (3 months ago) This was before cross realm zones, which are a real issue when it comes to rare spawn camping. Probably the biggest problem with rare spawns is cross realm zones. Pandaria had a good system for hunter pets imo. Many new spawn locations have been added and the spawn rate has been increased. There is a Blue Post by Community Manager Kaivax here, along with some changes to Warsong Gulch. While this Black Lotus change will make the prices drop a bit, it will most likely still be quite lucrative to farm them.
Time-Lost Proto-Drake shares his spawn timer, spawn points and flight routes with Vyragosa, a dragon required for the Frostbitten achievement. You can find groups to camp Time-Lost Proto-Drake in game (Premade Groups - Custom) and in the WoW Secret Finding Discord.See our Pet Family Specializations page for details on how the specs look in BfA.Each spec offers two unique abilities. Pet families are now locked to a single specialization. You may no longer switch your pet to a different spec. But don't panic! All three pet specializations should be viable for solo play and should be competitive in most ...
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